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    It has been almost 62 years since India became republic and the existence of India as a free nation both logically and conceptually.However,India got its independence on 15 aug 1947 but a country do not have any significance without its own constitution.

    26 jan 1950 the day India got the tag ‘Republic of India’ and to earn that tag there was the sacrifice of millions of martyr directly or indirectly since 1857.How much we suffered and lost our brave men and women is not a small
    story to tell.How one can forget the sacrifice made by Bhagat singh,Rajguru and sukhdev and similar other revolutionaries who fought till their last breath.From the first martyr Mangal Pandey to the last martyr Gandhiji and all of them who have been in between were the real hero.
    The generations to come need to know the sacrifice made by our soldiers and martyr in pre-independence era.
    It was only possible with the collective efforts of the braves who laid down their lives so that the coming generations breath in free India.We must salute these warriors who fought for India irrespective of their caste and creed and religion they bear.

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