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    Albert Einstein once said”The generations to come will scarcely believe that there has been a man with iron flesh on this earth”.The fact is something relevant considering the Gandhji’s aggressive but non-violent movements across whole of India.

    It was Gandhiji’s ability that the integration of different religions,caste and creeds could be possible.As without the collective efforts of different religions the freedom was impossible to get.

    Non-violence and firm believe in truth made him so popular that he was recognized as the “Father of the nation” and “mahatma” by the Indians and its followers around the world.Even Hitler admired him,The british government could not deter his wills and objectives being so mighty and powerful.How one can forget the movements that led by gandhiji in leading fight against britishers.

    On his martyrdom day I personallly pay my rich tributes to this greatest personality of the century.A 100 word article is not enough to display his deeds and love for his country.

    Gandhi had been one and will remain be so.

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