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    Bharati Airtel launched the latest 4-G technology in India making India the 1st country to have such an advanced and highly sophisticated medium of expression.The internet users may have better accessible speed in terms of downloading and uploading graphics,video and multimedia content over the internet and thus making internet and web-services more in good reach.3-G launch might not have done well but I am sure 4-G would revolutinise the technological aspect.

    Japan,USA and Australia had already got this but as far as Indian sub-continet is concerned India is the first country to have such vividly diversified mechanism to access internet.Now,we all need not to wait to get files uploaded and video download,everything will get accessed fastly within no time.Being an IT professional I am studying its impact world-wide.Getting launched in India,4-G has opened all the every route which leads India to a giant locator of Information-Technology surpassing arch rival China in the race.It is I think a big statement to make that we have surpassed China,but surely we will do it in the future ahead.The Chinese are known to be good hacker and that is the reason why they are well ahead of counterparts located in different countries.

    4-G launch would definitely provide a better platform for Indian scientist to create application in to strengthen the country’s defence.As China does,it foils half of its enemies attack through its cyber oriented mechanism.With the introduction of 4-G in India, definitely India shall be in better position to retaliate enemies attack.It will provide enough shield to tackle cyber crimes in Metro cities and other suspected areas.

    Every advanced technology has its own good and bad consequences and thus I must discuss it as well,the major one what I see is that it will pacify cyber crimes more frequently and the banks are at target,and thus there is a need to have a strict vigil over the culprits altogether.

    I must congratulate India for this great gift,but the time will ensure its success.


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