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    Aarakshan  Reservation

    At present Jats in Haryana and Patels in Gujrat are are protesting for Reservation.  What are your views, should Jats and Patels get reservation, or all the casts should get reservation or there should not be any reservation in India.  It is already over 70 years, I think this is enough time we have sacrificed our talented people for reservation. My view is why people getting reservation for three generations, it should not cast based. Cast based reservation will divide our country Aarakshan Reservationin many parts. Poors people can be helped by govt by giving monitory help for studies, for any thing, but talented people should not deprived of there rights. Now it has become a curse taking birth in upper cast Indian family. Many talented students are depressed and commit suicide. Now  it is high time we should change it.

    But how to do it? Due to Vote dependent politics, who will do it. All the deprived casts have to come forward and fight for there rights, that is the only way. Two casts have already come forward, I believe in short time other casts also will come. If our leaders are not coming up with a solution , there might come a situation like Grah Udh. That’s what these dirty politicians want.

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