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    Devender Narwal

    This may not be a hot topic to discuss but it is the most suspicious and horrific murder conspiracy that led each in stunned silence.Top investigation agencies such as CBI,CID with high profile technological maintenance could not trace out the culprit.At the very starting,Hemraj the household was convicted but the very next day he was found dead on the roof top of the building and thus people came to know the biggest ever mysteric murder in history.Many were arrested under suspicion but no solid proof rested on them and were freed soon after.
    I don’t think in the near future the case would end on positive note beacuse of the fact that time is running and in turn would weaken the case.Aarushi’s parents Rajesh and Nupur Talwar were said to be the major convict.But the
    insufficient proof made the case more a joke.The recent development in this case is supreme court had ordered the arrest of his parents again and CBI being instructed to open the case file again.Whatsoever be the result comes in way the culprit be prosecuted and arrest as soon.The case is more a national importance as the belief of the people lies in CBI.And to make the belief intact CBI must bring justice to victims.
    Aarushi was a bright student of 9th class and the child had its own dream to explore into the world,but her dream could not flourish.She be brought justice.

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