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    China continuously haunting India with its intention, and thus in turn creating lots of tensions in between them. Unprovoked disturbance by Chinese troops into the Indian territory invoke rational partition among the Indians and Chinese.

    The recent been the setting up of Chinese base in Bay of Bengal with the intention of keeping track of Indian developments . The India has registered its annoyance regarding it. The violation of Indian LOC by the Chinese is frequent and this practice may be part of their regular drill. Since Indo-China war in 1965 the relation not been so friendly and cohesive and deterioting day by day.

    The biggest cause of tension between them is the unidentified and undefined territory of Arunachal Pradesh. The concern for India is that China has been showing the best part of Arunachal Pradesh in China in the global map.

    The Arunachal Pradesh had been the integral part of India and will remain be so, Chinese must not underestimate the power of India and should be aware of its consequence if the war is forcefully rested on India.

    China may be equipped with advanced weapons and technology and might be having strong defence infrastructure but India also maintain its uniqueness as the second largest army in the world.

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