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    Congratulations!To all my fellow Indians for this emphatic launching as it makes India a superpower and more a tough competitor along with the giants like Russia,China and United States of America in global warfare.With this many of the glorious stars have added to India’s warfare capability as it justified India the independent country to have such a long range ballistic missile.What is unique about this is that,Agni-5 was manufactured,designed and brought up in India and somehow this is enough to make proud of at the moment.

    Agni-5 have got phenomenal features as compared to that of earlier one tested,one of it that fascinates me of its range capability of 5000km,It is assumed that this missile may destroy an entire city of China and may result into heavy loss to the enemies at war time.It was actually a requisite component as because India lags behind China in every aspect of warfront .Agni-5 tested fired successfully the day after an article in Hindi daily reads about the preparation of India ahead of war,the article actually compared the India’s capability to tackle against China and it concluded with the fact that we are very much in lack of the resources and destructible weapons as China carries.The successful launching of Agni-5 a definite answer to this concern.

    The missiles are considered the report card of a country where there is the defence is concerned.One more strange fact about this Agni-5 is that it can easily overpower the cities in US and can destroy the main nuclear destination within few seconds.This is certainly a milestone for India as I see this achievement a much awaited and much inspiring.India will have to reschuffle in its preparedness in the wake of war as it is only the initial step.

    With this,it is also made clear about India’s intention,India have always in strong support to maintain peace and harmony with its neighbour.The Agni-5 has been launched not to attack but to defend India otherwise.There is no need to take panic at all.

    Kalam ignited the things at very first and this thing went now and have acquired the giant structure and the result is Agni-5.This new venture will definitely boost India’s confidence in dealing out the adverse attacks by the enemies.

    USA and Britain had not commented on this because they understand the intention of India in that respect.


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