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    Tragic accident that shook Ambala and more probably the whole of Haryana on the cold morning of monday.At least 11 innocent children under the age group of 4-10 were killed and those injured are battling for life in PGI Chandigarh.The year 2012 must not be soothing for the victims of Ambala tragedy and further the upcoming new years will have no significance either.

    The reasons responsible for this might be poor visibilty due to fog prevailed all around,the drivers negligence and various reasons may also crept in.But the lost lives can not be gained otherwise.

    Total administration failure the violation of supreme court guidelines in support of vehicular laws .No laws were followed by school administration and driver concerned meant for school vans.There is a limit of at most 15 students at a time in a school van,but the driver didn’t obey any laws and his mean nature cost with 15 lives all of sudden.

    There is still much more to be done in order to curb these attrocities again in future ahead.Strict laws to be implemented and should be checked whether these laws being followed seriously.And those responsible must be prosecuted so as no one could ever dare to violate the laws made.

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