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    Devender Narwal

    There has been irrelevent debate that prevailed almost a year now is of general V.K.Singh’s age ,but is it really justified or will it be of any use for the army.There has been two separate date of birth mentioned in his matriculation and in NDA form over which he has been summoned by the ministry of defence at regular.

    Earlier the army chiefs been found indulge in many of the disputes but the age dispute is something not worthy to be fought on.In the interest of the country army chief must come up and try to solve this issue amicably.

    The track record of the chief makes him a personality of principles and dispute of age row must not deviate him from his targets.The ministry of defence should show some lenient approach towards this issue.

    Recently,general has come against defence ministry in the high court and both are making allegations against each other.There is no much significance of all these and both will have to find a solution before being too late.

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