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    Devender Narwal

    The most disgraceful and shameful instance of the indian history is the demolition of babri masjid in ayodhya in 1991.Certainly,for the secular country like India be a matter of great shame.

    It was carried out by some Hindu extremists along with some spurious elements interested in spoiling the secular image of the country.The supreme court has given its verdict regarding it,and the verdict provided some sort of relief to long lasting tension.
    Being Hindu I never will support such type of foolishness on which plenty of lives are at stake.Hindus have been demanding the ram’s temple in place of babri but the muslims contrary to that are not ready to give a single inch to their arch rivals.
    The rivalry on the name of temple and masjid is threatening to the communal brotherhood and integrity of the nation.I must appereciate the efforts of the individuals and NGO’S who have maintained the soverignty and integrity of India in odd times during 1991.

    I must convey my deep sense of condolence to all those who have been the victims of riots.Just to ensure their vot bank the politicians making Babri a political stunt and involving commons in the riots,the people must understand the cheap politics and should not be moved emotionallly to the speeches by these immmoral politician.
    It doesn’t matter whether you are Hindu or Muslims but what matters most how good a human being you are.
    Being an Indian its our moral duty to really work in order to strengthen the integrity of India and live in harmony irrespective of the religion we bear.

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