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    We are in the age where “power” means everything, Be it in terms of money, military strength, sophisticated warfares or any scientific achievements. But, beyond all, what matters largely is of having nuclear weapons and nuclear energy possession at most. Every other country is trying to approach closely to achieve the status of being a ‘nuke country’, and this somehow not of any mean to world peace and may disturb the whole of peace phenomenon. Nuclear weapons of 21st century are so powerful and dreadly that even half portion of it may cause an ‘entire extinction’ to most of the countries and result in massive mass destruction. I would recommend, there must an unique anti nuclear committee which checks the nuclear related advancements and in turn, makes an effort to spoil the malign intention.

    But before to go for such committee , I would like to put light on some of the miscreant countries and elements responsible to enhance nuclear tensions all across the world. Iraq, Iran, Pakistan, South and North korea and terror outfits operating in and around Pakistan and Afghanistan are my countries of concern and I am sure in the future ahead we will experience some nuclear attacks by and to these countries. The reason for so much concern lies in the fact that, the aforesaid countries are paralysed in every respect be it economic crisis, political instability, lack of an effective centralised power and the minimum people influenced government.All of the above countries are governed by military rulers and the concept of democracy lies nowhere there. The most favourites are Pakistan and Afghanistan, the two unstable nation with powers remained with the military and on the verge of domestic war within the territory. Probably, In the days to come it would not be a surprising to witness a dreadly atom bomb being dropped somewhere in Pakistan or Afghanistan. The major concern there is terror outfits such as Taliban, Al-queda operating inside Pakistan and largely in Afghanistan. The spokesman of these terror outfits have been making commitment of carrying out nuclear attacks and this warning be taken ointo seriously and bw aorked upon.

    As far as Indian territory is concerned, it is much more worthy to think of as because all of the countries are considered to be neighbours of ours and this may affect heavily to India as well, because fumes in a house proves fatal for nearby neighbours. The extremists may take an undue advantage of arch rivalry between India and Pakistan and might take India on target to destroy its integrity. India must be whole prepared for this attack and it must be ready to tackle the situation when there is nuclear attack. The United State making warning every other day about nuclear threat and I strongly admire the US interference in Pakistan and Afghanistan.

    There is a need to find a solution to this grave situation, It was only 20-25 countries were nuclear wealthy in second world war, and now each and every country is equipped with such war-fares. I recommend the nuclear energy be used only in harnessing electricity power rather to that of harnessing dreadly weapons through it. It is to inform that, power generated through nuclear emission can render elctricity continously for about 50 years and a single attack of it can destroy 50 countries all of sudden.

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