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    Yesterday,I had seen movie Knock out that showed something relevant and more worthy to think seriously.The movie could not have been done well but what it convey is rather more important. The multi-crore earned by the common people through hard work lies with in Swiss Bank and many other foreign banks.

    Social activist Anna making all his efforts to bring back the isolated money and he has been successful in his endeavour as well but a single man effort will be insufficient and there is need to move with collective efforts of the countrymen.

    Jan Lokpal bill definitely will serve the purpose well and it took me by surprise by a survey conducted by an N.G.O depicts that billions of people will get food for at least one month if the money is brought back and will add crores of currency to the treasury of the country will in turn be used for the development of the country.

    I urge to all the politician reading this article by mistake to be more unique and moral and sincere towards the country and those having black money in Swiss bank and other banks must come up and co-operate in India’s glory.

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