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    Ajit Singh a blind man from Haryana in the Mahendergarh district has cleared IAS and soon he is going on his training starting with effect from 20 February.The news is something significant and inspirational for all those who have been striving hard to get into this high profile service with certain disability.

    It was only possible through the hard work and determination shown by this young man.Everyone is known the type of complexities and competitive approach required to clear IAS.Being blind and financially weak Ajit could clear the Exam.It is an achievement for all those who showed their belief on him.

    However,the path to IAS not been so easy,it could only possible due to the intervention of Manmohan Singh that cleared his way.Actually,there was a petition that state a visually impaired person cannot be an IAS.Ajit proved his mettle and outsmart the government’s petition.

    Now it will be interesting to know that how a blind man can run the administration with blindness altogether.

    IAS aspirants must learn from this man and try to work hard to get in this superior of all services.

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