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    Pranab Mukherjee will be India’s 13th President. Mukherjee raced to an emphatic victory, securing a total of 7,13,763 and getting 69.3 per cent of the 10,29,750 valid votes polled. This would,I, term it as a victory of UPA and its allies and for all those who bestow strong belief in the functioning of ruling UPA allied government.

    As soon the Pranab resumes the office , he would have to face certain challenges and the upcoming year would bring lots of challenging tasks to be performed at its perfection. There are certain issues that needs an introspection and an active hunt to curb them down at the earliest. The Primary of these are, definitely, ‘Jan Lok Pal bill’ and Anna hazare’s aggressive approach to make this bill count. It will, certainly, be an interesting to observe Pranab’s stance as a President, as, he is known to the biggest opposing stone to the ‘Jan Lok Pal’, while he was in congress led UPA alliance. I, somehow suspect his action regarding Anna’s bill, as because the man who spent almost 50 years in politics and out of which he had served the best of his years in Congress how he can make up his mind against the party. He had been associating with congress since he took over interest to join politics. Pranab is known to be a ‘hard core’ congressman and how he really approaches to ‘Jan Lok Pal’ would be treat to watch. ‘Mukharjee’ was somewhere associated with suppression of Baba Ramdev’s hunger strike at Ram Lila ground and he was also making all his efforts to curb down Anna’s anger. Mister President will now have to work beyond social, political pressure and without any partiality to any of the political influence.

    Besides, the main core issue of Jan Lok pal, the India stand at UNO, The proper implementation of civic functionaries, To work in order to attract more investers to India, To extend some suggestion to the readily rising inflation graph and To education system, would be primary challenges ahead of him to take a note to it. Pranab Mukharjee, had been both ‘Finance’ and ‘Defence’ minister in current UPA , so, it is expected that he must suggest some concrete reformation to make these both vital aforesaid ministries. Pranab has a long political carrer of 50 years and better known as a the ‘troubleshooter’ for congress, hence, I recommend a similar troubleshooting for the ‘whole of ‘Union of India’.

    Apart from the international issues, Being a superior of Indian Defence forces , Pranab will also be a key player in tackling maoist man-hunt in an effective manner. There been less efforts in bringing down the threats caused by these maoists. There has to be a strong and certain solution to it, with that it is to ensure that another like agaitation don’t get emerges in the days to come. Not only the Maoists are threat to internal security but also it causes the extra burden on Union’s treasury account. I am sure he will by the end of his term, would eliminate all maoists and the mentality supporting this menace.

    India is going to have its new President by Wednesday, People do have many expectations and henceforth; It is Pranab’s duty to stand up to their expectations. Let the breeze of knowledge blow, let the defence of India strong, let the whole of system and its scenario be corrruption free and let the citizens roam without any fear further; All this what I need from you, Mister President.

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