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    The climate change meeting at copenhegan could mean a lot to all one and all who think seriously about the changing climate.Drastic variations in the climate have led many of the developed countries on one table.
    The intensity of the environment change is that many of the countries have implemented various protocols regarding climatic variations a damn necessity and has inducted the climate memorandum along with it.
    India is not an exception and environment minister jairam Naresh has term this an important portfolio and the things still not looking good as far as India is concerned as people are still far reach to the seriousness of the issue.
    According to a survey if some decisive steps not taken yet many of the countries of the world could face the danger of extinctions by the end of 2030.This will be a massive problem for the generations to come.We all must vow to carry out some concrete methods to really have some postives out of it.

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