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    A survey reveals that Indians are the most happier in the world and somehow the fact is unique and special for all the Indians residing in India and abroad.Being Happy for an Indian is because he has every reason to be so,India enjoys second largest army,biggest democratic power and fastest growing economy and lots of certain reasons could be mentioned.
    Indians not only outsmarted the Americans,britishers and Australians but all those who have been involved in anti-Indian propaganda for so long.It was a small article at a corner in the Tribune but it mean a lot to the 121
    crore people of India.The survey have come with the fact that India is approaching to the target of being a developed nation by 2020.
    We all must get together to flourish our nation into a developed one.There have been progress in every sphere be it IT,Education,Agriculture,scientific achievements,Indians have done well.
    I wish every individual Indian be charming and happy because a happy man can show its active interest in the development of India.

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