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    Criminals and crimes are the only word that usually prevelent in the dailies and on the electronic medium as well. Stediness in the cases of rapes,murder,robbery and kidnapping are on the rise in country.The capability of the administration makes it even more complicated and worrying fact for the commons.
    The most prominant above all are rapes and murders which shows the declining moral strength of the people and increasing rivalries.The victims are the girls of the age group 3-35.The criminals showing no sympathy for the
    girl child as well.
    A recent study shows there has been 50% increment in criminal activity in major Indian cities because of competition to be more wealthier to others.Certainly we have achieved a lot since independence but it was not the India that was dreamt by Gandhiji and all the martyrs.Police and administration must come strongly against all these evils and
    crimes.Strong laws and strategy need to be relocate further and there should be strong provision of punishing them as early as possible without wasting time in prosecutions.

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