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    What an achievement associated with his personality as during his life time he experienced some proverbs and phrases used by his name. A personality like Dara Singh is always worth to write upon and it is his service to Indian Cinema and Wrestling makes him great subject to be discussed. The celebrities from all walks of life paid a rich tribute to this admirable soul. The politicians, actors, artists, sporting icons and many others all attended his funeral procession, this shows the exact significance of Dara Singh and his worthy presence for all these sections of the society. What delights me about Dara Singh is that he was as great actor as was a wrestler and how he gained a margin of expertise in both awkward combination of life was remarkable . I termed it as ‘awkward combination’ as there seems no possibility that a sporting icon would pursue acting as its second carrer option. But as far as Dara is concerned, he not only brought ‘name’ and ‘fame’ for the country in wrestling but also the character he played in respective films and serials made him a strong demand of the directors.

    Discussing about his achievement, Dara did exceptionally well in wrestling championship in Commanwealth games and similar like championship in India and abroad. He was accorded with Rustam-E-Hind in 1954, Rustam-E-Punjab in 1966 for his outstanding and unbelievable landmarks. At his full fledged career graph, Dara Singh’s name used as a synonyms for power as “Thinking Dara Singh of yourself ” or “Don’t consider yourself as Dara Singh” and many more. And when you are used as ‘phrases’ or ‘proverbs’, your life becomes worthy for the society somehow it makes you all satisfied within.

    More by his wrestling charm Dara Singh been more active in acting too, How one could deny his effectiveness as ‘Hanuman’ in Ramayana. I have never seen lord ‘Hanuman’ but when it comes somewhere in mind that how ‘Hanuman’ be like in its real appearance, the Dara automatically prevails on to my mind and soul. One more amazing fact about Dara Singh is that maximum of the films he featured in, he played ‘Hanuman’ in major of them. He could never established as a favourite actor but his role was taken seriously and admired.

    He is resting in peace now and will forever, what really matters for us is that his life would keep inspiring the generations to come and would keep the flame on for who endeavours to do some extraordinary.

    May God bless this unique soul and I am fortunate enough to admire such a “two phase expert”.

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