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    The capital has once again been targeted it was now Israel’s embassy on the striking arm.High court blown up in the recent past in Delhi and now the foreign embassy is on strike,there is a need to revoke all deficiency as soon.
    Intelligence agencies play an important role in curbing such attacks.But differences among internal spy agencies of India making the task more complicated further.What we learn from America is the top class intelligence co-operation among them,the power of FBI can be easily understood as there was not a single attack since September 2001.
    There have been frequent attack at regular interval in India but the incapability of the intelligence is that the culprit still at large.Differences must be sorted out to strengthen the integrity of the nation.What it depicts by attack is that we are under prepared and need to gear to tackle these attacks.
    The international fraternity cannot afford such blast on their embassy anymore futher.Defence ministry must ensure the security and lives of the people at any cost.

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