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    The standard of education determines the ethical stability of a nation .The level of educational institution has been varying since independence and unfortunately ,the things are not good to be proud of. The Educational research in the country has ofcourse rose to higher level but the quality not been maintained therein.

    The schools ,colleges ,universities are coming up in great numbers but few of them been successful in maintaining the standard of education in terms of quality. Adding fires to fumes the engineering colleges are the most culprit. There are engineering colleges at every inch.Surprisingly, only in Haryana there are at least 90 colleges imparting engineering education. But least of them providing qualitative and standardised engineers. Ironically, every state has this awkward situation which intensifies the situation.

    Recently an official visited a degree college somewhere in the Punjab,the statistical data he collected on standard was more of shameless and disgusting as he pointed out the inability of the students to write proper English sentence.The sexual harassment of the girls student has made the situation shameful and immature enough to be worked upon.

    I want to refer an article read some years ago as a government school being run by uneducated and under-qualified teachers and certainly no one can expect the high standard of education with these teachers. The same condition with the colleges as well. However,the departments and the officials doing nothing to sort out the descrepencies after being the situation is well known to them.

    The schools and the colleges bears high-profile responsibility of providing good citizens by inducing disciplined infrastructure into their characters. To be a developed nation the citizens must be ethically and morally strong.It is only possible through the collective efforts carried in support to rendering qualitative measurement.

    I maintain that there is a need to revoke the current affiliation process and concerned body must invoke fresh and strong affiliation criteria for the upcoming institutes and with that the governing bodies must act strongly against those who have not been following the guidelines properly,there affiliation must be revoked with immediate effect.

    Secondaly,the recruitment process must be transparent and there should be tough criteria involved in employing teachers and lecturers. The teachers and lecturer so employed must be tested thoroughly in terms of knowledge and on moral grounds.

    Educate the people against the education system failures otherwise it will be a deterioting one.

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