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    It has been a much burning and serious issue for all those who have been involved in drug and supplements consumption.Today I want to share some of the adverse effects due to drugs and supplements on your body.
    Smoking,tobacco and drugs such as heroine,cocaine all works as a slow poison that can destroy the mechanism lead to death.As far as India is concerned the index is worse.
    The situation in north-east and most part of the Punjab and all the Metro cities are most affected.The clubs,bars hotels and restuarant are the favourite places for the adddicts.
    The drugs partially destroys the body resistance and after some time it gets control over the whole mechanism and leave with serious complications in the body.Over consumption of the drugs can lead to serious mental disorder
    and can variably disbursed along the nervous system.
    A 100 word article cannot explain the adverse effects of the drugs and its consequences but a line “I CAN DO IT” would be worthy enough for all those who are interested in de-addiction of this menace.
    Youth will have to take the responsibility of the nation in the days to come and the strength of the nation lies in their determination to lead from the front.

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