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    A memorandum has been passed and yet another partition of India going to take place as soon the formalities are over.It was in 1947 when India firstly parted into two nation India and Pakistan on the basis of caste,creed and religion.
    Since most of the states came into existence after independence the integrity always at stack with so distributed state all across India.This may certainly give strong back to ongoing agitation for Telangana in south and naga protest in south east.It will be a huge chaos if the division still not abandoned. Now as Mayawati government has approved the proposal of division of UP in four distinct territory is something non relevent and un-necessary taking
    the integrity of the nation into account.
    As India is surrounded by rival countries Pakistan and China there is always a necessity of get together efforts and to be integrate against the evils.I strongly oppose this move and oppositions must act harshly against this.

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