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    The ‘London Olympics’ is about to kick off shortly. The great gaming giants are all set to display their excellence in their respective games and the world is expecting some serious cut-throat competition among participating nations. Participating in Olympics is always a matter of pride not only for the player but also to the nation concerned, with that it also provide an individual to prove its worth and an unique identity with the performance. But the glory of participating in olympics had faded a bit and the pride seeming losing its charm. The reason surely is the maligned blood running in the veins of sportsmen, Drug infusion making the competitive nature of the games more a dull and incompetitive one. Drug abusing players are found everywhere down from the school level games to the high profile events such as comman-wealth and prestigious Olympics. The fact may amuse us all that from 1980’s onwards there not been single Olympics that went off without doping controversies and this might create an awkward situation for the organisers and fans all around the world.

    Players use banned drugs as to improve the stamina and energy level and make a land-mark in games but this is something a wrong and unjustified win as because unnatural stamina and energy is not worthy to defeat the opponent. The use of drugs and steriods are also restricted, beacuse all these restricted and banned drugs have a long lasting side effects on body and may create serious complications for body. Not only in Olympics but the games at lower level such as school level, college level and university level are all convicted of drugs controversy. As far as India’s position is concerned, there had been considerable amount of cases in the recent past events. Every single event has drug addicted sportspersons and that makes a situation more worse. All the managerial efforts to neutralise the practice has gone down, as such, there are drugs which cannot be detected even through the advanced equipments. To check the drug level the blood samples of players are taken and tested but there are some drugs available which entirely dissolves through the blood and can’t be easily detected through naked eyes.
    The practice is not only frequent in Olympics but also the game of ‘Cricket’ is severly affected. Recently, 94 players playing in IPL caught in rave party convicted of taking drugs in huge amount and since in ‘IPL’ the players participate from different countries making the situation more significant to think of twice or thrice.

    Not only drugs affects the competitiveness of the game but it create serious health hazards for the individual concerned. The recent Olympics not been much to make proud of. There is a need to make serious efforts in to controlling this menace. I am optimistic that London Olympics would survive without any drug controversy.

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