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    Reliance industries have got a deal to secure the entire Mumbai from the terror strikes and now its Technological effect that has been put under scanner for this purpose.E-Survelliance is a technological phenomenon through which video cameras and setting up command and control centres so that the “Mumbai-the financial capital” could be secured from frequent terror strikes that has jolted in the recent past.Why is there a need to look into securing Mumbai at large.Firstly,I would like you to make aware about the ever convincing significance of this technology,E-surveilliance is the way through which each and every industrial set ups and major national infrastructure be put under cameras and scanners to keep a strict vigil over it.I must confirm it that this is the most expensive deal that ever been done with a private firm for securing the entire city and Mukesh Dhirubhai Ambani has got this one.

    I must refrain your knowledge that this is only deal that has come across for securing the whole of commercial city.Basically,this deal will be unique in the context of frequent terror attack in Mumbai.Being a commercial city the Mumbai is always on terror strike and the other reason why this city is so sensitive is that maximum of the major industrial set-ups,Central government buildings,and the high profile nuclear power plants are on verge of their attacks.The attak on the Taj Hotel has concluded a fact that there is need to tackle out terror outfits more strongly and strictly.Certainly,this move to some extent will abandon the terrifying terror strikes and surely curb the loss of lives.I am not actually certain about its success but what make me feel that if at once implemented and taken care well and somehow maintained well,will be a huge advantageous endeavour as far as security of the nation is concerned.

    There is very much need to have such security measures,as because there has been plenty of attacks being carried upon on India’s top most and high profile institutions.The most significant been the 2008 Taj attack on 26th,Had there been such security measures in place,the attack could have been neutralised well in time.Though it would not be possible to install these security surveilliance on each and every destination but there should be an effort to recognise the vital sources of national importance in the country and these be given security covers.I think all the nuclear hybrid plants,RBI,Parliament and all the assemblies of the respective states be taken under these security surveilliance to strengthen the security of these vital buildings.

    If there is any such technnology be provided that could enhance the security of the nation and could play an important role in saving the precious lives,why to not go for it.Implement it and feel the difference.


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