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    Devender Narwal

    High court delhi has issued strict warning to the Facebook india and google india to remove objectionable content from their respective webpages immediately,otherwise these sites will face complete ban in India.
    I strongly term this move an expected and usual.The facebook and google told to rectify the content and must develop a mechanism to ensure no vulgar and unsocial content and images be created again in the future.There will be a disappointment among various facebook users of india if the sites are banned.
    India is biggest consumer of facebook and certainly facebook would be in loss if something happens like ban or restrictions take place.No doubt the content and images found to be so vulgar and objectionable sometimes that feel like shame.The celebrities are most favourite victims for all these and the things getting deteors day by day.
    I love facebook I use it but then everything should be in balance,If it is going in wrong direction I oppose it.The dignity of this social networking site be maintained.
    Since facebook is a social networking site it bears a responsibility to eradicate social evils and must work in that way.Vulgarity is not acceptable at any cost.I prefer ban if these two favourite site does not take any concrete steps to remove vulgarity.

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