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    It is something relevent and expected taking the rationalisation of the world into account.Globalisation will definitely cure the attrocities faced by the people in under developing countries.
    Globalisation has got lots of significance as the people will get better future prospects in terms of quality and quantity and will be provided with lots of options regarding job opportunities.The integrity of world will serve he mature environment for the countries to flourish their resources and hidden talents.The practise of lobalistion will definitely serve the uniqueness among various religions various of caste and rites the people follows.
    As far as India is concerned the globalisation has lots to give as India is one of the fastest growing economy of the world and certainly enjoys being the strongest economical emerging country.India has plenty of things to share with world be it minerals,manpower or highly sophisticated modernised technology background.Globalisation would minimise tension in between the countries and will provide a platform to solve their differences amicably.

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