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    All of a sudden the entire newsmedia both electronic and print were full of a shocking news of Guwahati incident and the entire incident proved to be nightmare for the administration, female dignity, mental sickness prevails in the society and definitely the moral and ethical standard of the society men.
    The news is that, A girl being stripped, humiliated and molested by a group of 20 to 25 unethical and disgusting men publicly and more astonishing fact that it was captured by camera, photographed hundreds of time and then aired on you tube and other social networking site. I happened to see this video not just to amuse my eyes but to investigate about the minds of these men and study about all their mental status. What really goes through their minds when they commit such crime. The horrible side been the passiveness of the locals and the administration, the whole of the drama went about an hour and no one could intimate the police in time. How could the mere 20 youths be not stopped by a sections of good locals and residents.

    It had happened about plenty of times in the North-Eastern states and the adjoining areas but nothing much due regard extended on these incidents. Every time a new girl being stripped molested and humiliated and the case ends with mere arrests and issuance of arrest warrants. The women commission gets active when there something worst like this happens and there nothing much credibility shown in this regard.

    Are Indians still known for their respect to the weaker sex, or Are Indians aheading towards the sliding slope to the degrading humanity. It is not all about a female being manhandled but it also raises question of dignity of a human being living with respect and honour. Prime Minister and President making their strong remarks on this but what all these will serve to change the scenario. The video was looking like a snapshot of a movie in which a girl getting raped by a group of Gundas and the people waiting for Hero to rescue her in a stylish fashion. But,here, no hero came and as such no locals stepped in to rescue her.

    All what can be said about it is that, A pure shame and an utter nonsense drama displayed. The culprit be arrested and they be hanged the only punishment I recommend for them. It was a disgraceful for whole of India and for whole of men fraternity.




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