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    An All India essay competition being organised by Pondicherry University, there topic is somewhat very much to think of and needs a deep introspecting approach. The topic for this is “Had there been Gandhiji instead of Anna, what would have his strategy”, Since, this is a national competition, applications are invited all through across India and people from all walks of life. I am also participating in it for two reasons; One is that it would be an interesting thing to carry out imaginations regarding Gandhiji’s portfolio about ‘Jan Lok Pal’ and Second one is to investigate about Gandhiji’s dealing with atrocities in 21st century, since the competition carries an attractive award but that doesn’t attracts my intention any more.

    If you want to take a situation of Gandhiji’s intervention in ‘Jan Lok Pal’ , you would have to compare two Gandhiji, one is of Pre-independence era and the other is of Post-independence. This will bring two different situation and two different political atmosphere, the first and foremost difference is that in pre-free India he had to fight against the foreign elements but, here, he will face some tough slaps from its own countrymen and from its own system. ‘Jan Lok Pal’ attracted the whole of India and people are all set to extend their wholehearted support to ‘Anna’, hence , the fan-following and gatherings would certainly be not a problem for Gandhiji, moreover, he will be supported by many of the political parties. But like as before he shall have to face a tough exhausting resistance from ruling government, It was Britishers then and now it is ‘UPA’. There is every possibility that his agitation be ruined cruelly and in a barbaric way but Gandhiji certainly would handle all this amicably and spoil the every immature intention of the government. I term Gandhiji much more aggressive and professional in staging Dharna and protests to that of ‘Anna Hazare’ and with that ‘Gandhiji’ also enjoys a great reputation in provoking people effectively against any administration failures.

    Gandhiji, unlike Anna, will like to roam all across India to get involve people from all walks of life but Anna did it only in Delhi that seems much more restricted, if you are doing for the sake of the people then do it globally, try to reach as much as you can. Due to advanced and sophisticated technical media, Gandhiji will be covered all across through each of India’s narrowed strides. What is more unique about him is that, he performed all his duties with utter dedication and surely he would carry out this as well. I am not suspecting Anna’s course of work and neither I am showing any unfaith over his ability to get this bill passed but what Mahatma could have done, it would take ‘Anna’ a considerable time to pursue the same.

    But I am afraid that after attaing the aim, he not be shot dead as ‘Nathuram Godse’ did it earlier. There is every possibility that his opponents be looking out for this one and there he will have to make a safety net to protect himself. What annoys and sometime disturb me about this great soul is that, Mahatma Gandhi worked for India and he had bestowed huge reservoir of his love to his countrymen, I must tell you that Mahatma loved each of the Indian very much irrespective of his caste and creed. But he was shot dead by one of those Indians whom he loved very much. The question I am still looking i t to be answered. Do you want to answer it??

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