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    Extradition of hard core and notorious criminals had been the real challenging task for India’s top most investigating agencies such as ‘CBI’ and ‘CID’. Daud Ebrahim, Tiger Menon, Chhota Shakeel, Chotta Rajan and many more still wanted in dreadly terror attacks on Mumbai in 1993, 2004, 2006. And the bomb blast in Jaipur and Ahemdabad which claimed almost 400 lives follows then. Tiger Menon and Daud Ebrahim has been the top most hunted for India but it has been since 19 years that they still are absconding and nothing positive being done currently, they both carry lakhs on their heads. It really makes an obscene when the pictures of lying down bodies and blood all around scroll down your eyes and we still are helpless.

    The whole and sole responsibility for this failure lies within the legal strategies maintained for it and the acute misunderstanding in between the investigating departments. India is in lack of a good extradition policy and there is no proper legal developments carried in respect to improve it further. The world knows the whereabouts of Daud and Tiger Menon including India but due to in-effective and weak extradition policy the India is still incapable. Without having proper law and planning, no else can enter into one’s territory and pursue legal formalities. It is rather unfortunate and more an injustice to all those who lost lives and to them who have still some fading memories of their beloved. I think there is a need to work upon extensively and fiercely on it so that the absconding terrorists and criminals be brought here for legal prosecution.

    One more loophole is that the defence ministry which is entirely responsible for ineffective management in this regard. The span of 19 years not a small one and nothing concrete progress registered until.

    I strongly maintain that, it is almost very late and further late in the progress would land India and Indians in lot more trouble.

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