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    Devender Narwal

    Definitely it could have been the tragic disaster if it was not controlled at right point of time.Japan has been earthquake prone region down the years.Japan has been experiencing earthquakes of great intensity and with that this country has been in the turmoil.
    Earlier the earthquake attacks not been so severe but the earthquake in 2011 was rediculous as the nuclear reactor heavily affected due to this.The harmful radiation emitted proved to be fatal which causes the contamination of
    water,air,food and the basic amenities.
    Japan was more in controlled state while dealing with such calamity.It was Japan pre-preparation that save Japanese and heavy loss that could have crept in.Many of the brave soul who came out to help the countrymen was appreciated.Japan has lost 200 people and incurred heavy loss in terms of properties and routines of the people get disturbed badly.
    I must appreciate the Japanese for in to putting the efforts in order to rehabilitate themselves.

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