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    It is included in my routine affair to read newspaper,as because this makes me much closer to the world happenings and updates me with new developments around me.Newspaper is such a source,from where you can develop your own way
    of upbringing a particular problem and it has certainly,proved to be major boon in my personality development.But,the news that shakes me more firmly of that murders,killing,suicides,attempt to murder,assassination attempt etc.All the aforesaid acts are somehow the creation of our conscience. Kiran Bedi said “If you face 100 problems in your life,of them 90 are of your creation.” Demonstrating further she said,”Best of problems that we face are that we create,and rest of the one are nature’s creation”.What I really want to convince you all about that the the patience and temper doesn’t depend on others.It means that,if we are loosing temper and our patience surrenders,we are not adhere to blame others for this one.Somehow if we are getting angry and desperate to kill or murder anybody,its only our act that makes so situation.Anyway getting back to my focus,People losing temper and approaching towards more an impatient behaviour these days.Most of the Hindi and English dailies are covered with most of these killings and murders.Recently,a son killed his father over ancestral property,another incidents is from Jhajjar,Haryana where a man was murdered by the sharp edged weapons by his brother,these are few and a single 200 words article not enough to explain the man’s psychology under immature circumstances.

    My stand on this is, why a “Human being” getting so violent and aggressive and Is there any way to get out of this
    congested mentality?What Kiran Bedi said can do any much to reduce the human’s plight and how far her inference about human psychology can prove to be decisive one.She made a good point and definitely,a human itself responsible for all his wrong doings.It is to inform you all that,maximum of the murders and killings are carried out by close relatives and because of personal enmity.This whole scenario shows that we are losing faiths and belief in relations and we are not actually able to comply with congested relative sentiments.The sentiments that we are associating is losing charm and closeness.This is actually an apathy that,a brother lives with his brother the whole of his life and suddenly kills him over small dispute.

    Neither the government can implement any such policy which ensures better psychic mind nor the demonstartion and
    agitation would be of any help in this regard.Its only us who can make a difference,we all have to believe in relations and with that we all have to put some resistant to that of aggressive mental setups.There is a need to explore the significance of meditation and Yoga camps in every nook and corner and this is the only way through which the spurious mentality could be cured.

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