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    For past some time , I was facing a tough phase of my life about where my life getting poised and what sort of essential ingredient I am lacking in after being exposed with high profile educational qualification. There are always some hard times comes in your way at some point of time and as a result of which it gets very difficult to really ‘Aim’ at the right venture. Losing confidence, when there is any failure is human tendency and thus it distracts from the real destination. ‘Self -confidence’ or ‘confidence’ whatsoever it be, if it is finished, there comes a sense of guilt and shame enough to destroy you and your ambitions. The point associated with this article is that not only your wish matters to achieve something great but the level of ‘self-confidence’ is as equally important.

    There have been various books written by variety of authors to justify the concept of having ‘self-confidence’ to bite big to that of others. Earlier in my school times, I was not used to speak at stage or in between the mass gathering , I felt uncomfortable whenever I forced to answer in response to the question by my teacher and I was so frustrated with the proceedings that it made me cry hard upon my inability to communicate well. It was actually the lack of self-confidence which played a havoc all of these twelve years, The situation remained intact as well in college till second year of my From 2nd year onwards I started realising the exact pick-up-point behind all these and during the course of introspection I came to know that it is nothing but I was lack in ‘self-confidence’ and fear of failure all through. There onwards I realised the significance of ‘self-confidence’ and ‘self-belief’ to every of your doings, if you are making even a small attempt to pick a sewing pin it requires a ‘self-confidence’. Many of the the above said dilemna could have been with others as well and how an individual efforts to erect it is more important.

    To accomplish great tasks and to achieve an unique height require confident steps and determined approach irrespective to that of a feeling of failure. I found such similar proverbs and phrases are not only the sentences formed with the help of some weighted words but also it conveys a strong message for all those who feels down and trodden at somewhere in life. There are failures and it might be possible that an individual get frustrated and demoralises but through the sack of self-confidence and inevitable determination he could surely win over all his atrocities.

    I must urge to all the student fraternity that to start thinking and act in order to regain your self confidence. Once you gain it, the life becomes as simple as ever. There is no need to join any class or plan any strategy to introspect you.Start introspecting yourself and try to get back the inner belief of yours to get the things right back on track.

    Student must be comfortable with co-curricular activities and there is a need to display some performances at stage, with that don’t miss the opportunity to address mass gathering , whatsoever, tone be. These are simple tools to erect the machine of self-confidence and to regain the losing charm of life.

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