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    Media,press and journalism are not mere the names as these names demonstrate strong voice of the people and largely in democratic countries bears responsibility to work in favour of the people’s interest and for the betterment of the society around.The role of media has been the role of an inspector and judge as the media inspect and interrogate the people’s grievances and send it to concerned administration especially in India.Media is the perfect example of freedom of speech and expressions that is given to the Indian citizens by its constitution.

    It was only through media we came to know major scams and scandals that stunned India recently and it was the power of press due to which all high profile personality were trapped involved in it.Be it Commonwealth,2G pectrum,fodder scam,stamp scandal all were disclosed by media.

    Lincoln once said”A democratic country always give credit to media”.Truly said but the freedom of expression and speech not to be misused.Media must realise the fact that no common people or any other celebrity get affected due to it.Actually,the celebrities have been complaining that media disturb their personal life and get involved in their intimate affairs unasked.

    It must be stopped at once as the objective of the media is to support and relieve the people’s wounds not to disturb them.

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