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    I had been reading much more about ‘Narendra Modi’ for the past some years, It ended up with a conclusion that he had been the most favourite leader of the mass for a significant time now. Since, I never came across such huge praise for any of the leader, so, I went on to give a look on this matter.

    Why ‘Narendra Modi’ is considered to be the next Prime Minister , why because, of his well executed policies and strategies that brought prosperity and wealth into the state continuously for the third consecutive time. In July 2007, he became the longest serving Chief Minister in Gujarat’s history when he had been in power for 2063 days continuously. He was elected again for a third term on 23 December 2007 in the state elections. This fact is enough to declare him a leader of mass.

    Under his leadership, Gujarat maintained a frequent development all these years, Gujarat made huge all around development in all the sphere, be it science technology, sports, art and cultural activities, provide basic emenities to the poors and needy ones. Strange to my ears, I have never learnt of fund misappropriation and misuse of public machinery under his active leadership.

    Top most failures for this man been the ‘Godhra riots’ and frequent riots followed thereafter. Certain conspiracy and various allegations imposed at him from time to time. He was declared anti-muslim chief minister on his alleged involvement in riots. But the whole ‘Muslim community’ not thinking like that. It shows that he is actually the “Chief minister of developments” in the state.

    So, despite he had been associating with many conspiracies and foul political intention against other political parties, He really deserves to be the next prime minister. And I expect he would go for similar developmental strategies for the entire country.

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