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    There are approximately, nearly, 200 old age homes alone in Delhi and this is how an old one is dealt through. It has never been a part of Indian tradition as the old and the elders been given the wholehearted respect in Indian values. It is rather disgusting to reveal, here, that the joint family concept is almost gone and the nuclear family concept have taken the charge over it. There was a documentary on the plights of old men and women who have been extracted from their homes by their children , the documentary also derives the reason responsible for this trend as the problem going to be much more grave in the days to come. It was a moving and emotional movie as various parents in their beyond 70’s and 80’s started weeping in revealing stories of their atrocities. There also in old age homes nothing due care being taken and it seems like that old one are punished for to be old.

    In a survey conducted in this respect and it was found that by the end of 2015 we shall be having 500 old age homes as this survey must not be underestimated. It is almost shocking to know that Indians are just behind their America’s counterparts in this way. Reasons for forcefully migration is that of children getting insensitive towards their parents and it might be possible that in the days to come we shall be having nuclear families all around us.

    There are various reasons that to be addressed well and uniquely as because the old and experienced heads play an important role in rationalising India’s development all through.

    This is, however, makes us full of energy and passion when there our parents around us, So why people leave them in between when they need us more in their time of loneliness.



    Right … !

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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