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    Ministry of health affairs have claimed that India is now a polio free country and certainly the things have worked well and efforts being applauded.It is definitely a appreciating fact to make proud of.
    With WHO has also applauded the Indian government’s work in that direction.Since the first case registered way back in 1950,It was a challenge for newly independent country to really eliminate the menace all through.

    It is also stated in a statement that India will achieve its “entirely Polio-free India” tag in 2013.It is something a milestone for every Indian.

    Polio is so dangerous that it makes the life more miserable and struggling.Definitely,nothing could be done for all those who are infected due to this but one thing is sure is that no case will be registered again in the future.

    I recommend same agitation if carried out against cancer,AIDS will be useful and appreciating.

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