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    India an emerging power at world level has shaken the world with its unprecedented and unexpected growth in every sphere be it Education,Technolgy,Defence-research,Industrial development since Independence.India’s presence in all leading causes being initiated by UNO makes it a favourite nation all-together.

    But,what resist these developments is steadily increasing population.Growing population has always been a matter of concern for India,with a meagre population of around 50 crore at the time of independence took a leap and the figure rose up to 121 crore by the end of 2010 still the figure maturing every moment.The government imposing certain laws to curb this menace at regular intervals but all in vain as these laws and portfolio could not be effectively implemented.

    Ever increasing population has magnified the poverty thus letting down all the development process.The responsible states being UP,Bihar,Rajasthan,and Madhya Pradesh,the population in these four states is surprisingly more than many of the countries in the world.The people must understand the graveness of this problem because significant developments is not possible with poulation density.According to the survey conducted,India would be the most populous country surpassing China in 2050.This will certainly be a big problem.

    The concept of “one family one child” have been producing good results in China.The population has dramatically fallen to a greater level.India must come forward in order to implement the harsh laws as china has been doing for years.The practicality of this law is suspicious as indian constitution ensures right of living to all its citizens according to their way.The congress has tried it earlier in 1973,but all in vain and the people were so resented with the government as the then Prime-minister Indira Ghandhi struggled to hold its position.It was the time when emergency taken into effect. With education the concept of “family planning” must be given weightage so as to ensure population declining.
    Illeteracy,lack of awareness,narrow thinking are basic reasons responsible for this blot.If somehow this reasons taken into account seriously and addressed well,it will be a major breakthrough.Casual approach towards family planning depicts the irresponsible behaviour of the citizens.The Education system must be strengthen at least to a level where people could realise the seriousness of the issue.Illeteracy must completly be removed so as to ensure all the policies to be implemented effectively without any delay to the maximum mass.As the population grows the development steps down.

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