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    It shook the entire country and the instance led many facts unfolded as are these politicians responsible to run a state and Are these men who bears the responsibility to make people happy and prosperous.At least two of the politician caught red handed doing this immature act.It was limited to throwing harsh words and furnitures at each other in the assembly but watching porn films in the assembly premises makes the situation gravest of all and the dignity of the high profile assembly being destroyed.

    How one can expect good from these immoral politicians.I term this act an irresponsible and unethical taking the reputation into account.Recently,top and aged politicians arrested for their alleged involvement in raping and
    murder of Nurse Bhanwari devi and now the Karnatka ministers found in such an act.

    What I conclude from these incidents is that there is a need to have a moral teaching in the parliament to curb this down.In the past as well politicians have been involved in rape cases.
    This is something unbearable and insignificant.The people in the Parliament and assemblies represent their country and state respectively and immoral doings in the premises affects the impression of both the individuals and the state concerned.

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