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    It will be 4 years in the coming november of the so called terror attack which shook India and the entire world.We Indian lost 350 of our fellow men in the tragedy and left many of the relatives of the deceased in the state of stunned shock.It was due to the lapse in the security intelligence and poor security trap that enabled the devils to carry out such a massacre.A shameful instance for the strong army second largest in the world.
    It was like the doors were opened and thief came and looted the valuables.But the breach in the security is mething serious matter to worry upon.
    India must be prepared enough to tackle these grave situation around and must reataliate hard against those involved.As the proof of the pakistani involvement has been traced but pakistan is no where in mood to hand over the culprits to india.
    India must equipped its agency and its strong commandos inputs with technological components and strong strategy to deal with such attacks in the coming future.

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