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    With the demise of ‘Rajesh Khanna’ the golden era of a film industry has come to an end, not only did he entertain the world with his ever colourful characters in his hit films but also in the flop films he was never neglected. So was his persona that girls used to went on mad ever he crosses the road for shooting. Rajesh Khanna is known to have credited with 13 hits in a row after his maiden hit ‘Aradhna’ opposite Sharmila Tagore, no one could ever surpass this record in the almost 100 years of history of Bollywood. Khanna was infected with liver infection not by cancer as it is predicted in the media, he was diagnosed with liver problem since half a year ago. Whatsoever be the reason all what it ends up with that; India has lost a superstar.

    The death may not have affected the India’s development or probably, it could have not created any such disturbances that causes all of in trouble. But surely if a celebrity like actor or social activist or sportman dies it does create some space which becomes readily to fill in the short span. Rajesh Khanna meant very much for film industry for the reason that he proved to be one of the golden stone for every of its producer. It will be soothing to know for his fans that all of his films are known to have earned the 60%, no matter declared as ‘hit’ or ‘flop’. His life rather full of controversies and upsets as the relation with his wife ‘Dimple Kapadia’ not been as much peaceful. Apart from the controversies, Rajesh Khanna did exceptionally well as far as his proceedings in film industry is concerned.

    How one can forget his role in ‘Anand’ where he played a character of a patient suffering from a dreadly disease and how he deals with it was remarkable. It was a moving and emotional script and Rajesh did splendidly well. Not a single movie he is known through but every of his film is worth to take a note. He was ‘gentle’ as a superstar and encouraged many of the young lads aspiring to make a carrer in ‘Bollywood’. He was a true spirited man with never say die attitude. It was Rajesh’s chrismatic personality that led many of the young girls and boys to join acting as a carrier and somehow, it was his era from where the real craze of watching films came into force. Students used to bunk the classes and schools were sometime short fall of strength whenever his film got launched in 1960’s and 1970’s.

    It is hard to accept that we have lost a Superman of Bollywood and a Superstar of this evergreen industry. We have lost Devanand, Shammi Kapoor, Makbool Fida hussain, Dara Singh, and recently Rajesh Khanna and still the half of the year is to go. I am afraid that what would the remaining six months fetch .

    Rajesh is no more, but his everlasting memories would keep alive him forever. Rajesh Khanna been ‘One’ and will remain be so!!!

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