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    It is far beyond my understanding as how a game could play such an important part in between two nations rivalry and how could these can vanish the 26/11 memories all of a sudden. It fills everyone with the sense of great fury and resentment over the Indian take on highs and lows with Pakistan. The current news is that, India going to have a cricket tournament in December with Pakistan. Everytime there is a dreadly attack on India , and there is always cricket after a brief time resolve all the anger. Why is there always we have to compromise and the world laughs at our stupidity. There was a statement by Sachin after Kargil that, he no longer wants any cricketing ties with Pakistan and will not play against Pakistan ever till last. But after a certain period, Indian team accompanied Sachin in 2004 visited Pakistan and played 5 ODI’s and 3 tests and all the sacrifice and bravery displayed by the soldiers at war front went off in games. This was totally horrible to feel as how a country with mere population and resources can rest war on India.

    I strongly condemn any ties with any of the country that is responsible to create disturbance in India. It is almost impossible for me to really strike out the memories of 26/11, how I can forget the frustrations that kept me mum all for three days in row and how I can reject the fact that 10 millitants have played a havoc for three days and killing at least 225 of my fellow countrymen. Does a tie through cricket will bring my countrymen back? or will it be able to heal the long lasting wounds of the relatives of the deceased??

    Everytime you are attacked and everytime you try to make it normal and again there is attack and you try to make it normal so the process goes on. It has to be stopped at once as it display a great disrespect and great disloyalty to our warriors who fought to save our dignity and laid down lives in the service of the country.

    There should be no cricketing ties with Pakistan and as such in the days to come there should be no any efforts.

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