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    Once again I am writing about yesterday’s great achievement as it had fascinated me millions of times and moreover, I have got every reason to cherish for this milestone.An “Indian scientist” is associated to this project and more of the reason the discovered item is named after him as well. “Satyendranath Nath Bose” is the real guiding force behind this one and the world has acknowledged his commitment towards commencing of this project long ago.

    Satyendra Nath Bose, an Indian legendary scientist has the decoration of sharing labs with the physics icon “Albert-Einstein”. Bose is also known for giving two theory with Einstein namely ‘Bose–Einstein condensate’ and ‘Bose–Einstein statistics’. The two theory extensively relates the mass of matter and thoroughly explains the origin of elementary particles which in turn dictates the exact reason for the origin of universe.

    Going back early in his childhood, he was a child with exemplary character and had the deep sense of interest in resolving science puzzles in his school time. Bose generated interest in science during his schooling and went aggressively after it in college times. Unfortunately, due to some reason he could not conferred the noble prize despite his publications were approved by the great ‘Einstein’. In his publications to the noted magazines, Bose had put his best of his works. In his papers, Bose had disclosed many of the facts and revealed some interesting breakthrough that could probably ascertain some more fascinating truths about our existence.

    Where there only science speaks and the significance of science is felt everywhere, there is a need to know about these great souls of science. At-least if politics does not fascinates you, You must make your self adhere to science as it has got lots to share. The depressing interest towards science making situation worsen, Science has got every opportunity to explore and what Satyendra had done in this regard is more worth to make proud of.

    To conclude at last what I draw an inference from all these inventions is that, Being an active animal of this earth we all must have something to devote to our society. We all must have some creative and innovative inventions to give to the world before we die.It is not necessary to give your contributions in the field of science but whatever you feel specialized in must be given preferences. All I wish to deliver is that invent something by your part so that the world recognizes you not from the name but to the deeds you performed.

    Bose, an Indian scientist has made me proud and as well to all of them who have been admiring science all along the centuries.

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