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    Since November, you’ve heard about our stance on SOPA & PIPA, both from a technical side and from a philosophical side. We’re proud to say we haven’t wavered once on this, while it took others a bit longer to come to the table.

    Around the world, you’ve likely noticed that Google and Wikipedia have made bold changes to their look and/or access to make the point of why they oppose this U.S. legislation.

    The goal of these bills is to “expand the ability of federal law enforcement to shut down foreign Web sites and services that that use counterfeited or pirated content created by U.S. firms.” The online piracy is an issue, ourselves and companies like Google, Yahoo, OpenDNS and others don’t think this is the way to solve it. Passing this bill could do far greater harm than good.

    On this day, we ask that you educate yourself on what SOPA/PIPA is and how you can fight it, regardless of whether you’re based in the U.S. or not.

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