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    It has been so much argument over the issue should surrogacy be given legal approval in India.The latest finest example of surrogacy is that of bollywood star Aamir Khan and his wife Kiran got a baby from this practise.

    The law is widely accepted throughout the world and there seems no confusion on it.But India is not in the state of
    accepting this trend as speculations are on the rise that the law will serve negative impression of the concerned individual in the society.

    I don’t find much negative about that because if one is ready to rent her womb for one’s happiness it is all right.Both the owner of the womb and customer are benefited from this as such the owner gets a hefty price for owing other’s sperm.
    I term this practice as unique one because of the reason it provides an ampel satisfaction to the bereaved mother who is not capable of to give birth to a baby all her life.It is certainly a ray of hope for all those who wants their own child.
    The law makers are requested to please take up this issue on broder front and implement it in the interest of the people. Various other reasons could be stated in this favour but above all the eternal satisfaction that counts much in this regard.

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