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    I have termed him as a scholar and learned soul and more I can say about him is that, He was a “perfect personality” with not even a single margin of error in any of his deeds.Swami ji, was not only known for his spiritual and divine proceedings but in a true sense, he fought hard to get Indian free from the utter nonsense of various social evils and immature societal formalities.The reason for writing this article is that world celebrating his yet another death anniversary today.

    Rabindranath Tagore’s used to say “If you want to know India, study Vivekananda. In him everything is positive and nothing negative”. I strongly admire Tagore’s point on Swami ji, and somehow Vivekananda was a ‘book’ and an ‘institution’ with various scope of research and discoveries be performed at him. Primarily, Swami ji was known for upbringing Hindu religion throughout the world and he is also accredited with bringing laurels for ‘hinduism’ widely and uniformly around the sphere. As much I have studied him what I came through about his personality is that he was more prone to that process of learning and inducing knowledge in each of mankind’s routine he always advocated the purification of human’s soul and through the power of learning and evergreen concept of knowledge.The unique about Swami’s dimension which is more worth for the younger ones is that of his “level of concentration” and his expertise in executing every of his task with perfection.If you want to know the extent of concentration required for the success follow ‘Vivekananda’, and you will get your destination.

    How one could forget the Swamiji’s speech in 1898 in Chicago when he represented Hindus and India and acknowledged both to the world.The “All Religion Conference” in 1898 proved to be a major boon for India’s recognition at international level. From this representation of his,world came to know about India’s perspective and the World highly applauded Indian mettle all along the centuries.

    “Arise, Awake, and not stop till the goal is reached”, is my favourite saying of Swamiji and it always inspires me a lot and it entirely motivates all through from top to bottom in the odd days of my life. I recommend each of my reader to read his biography where there you feel at lowest somewhere in life.

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