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    There been the burning controversies over the serials being aired on TV these days.The more unique about these controversies be the discussions has been carried out in the parliament as well.

    The worry is about that of the impact of these spurious serials have spoiled the mindset of the younger generations and to add more woes the serials are directed by female directors.The recent of them be the induction of sunny leone the porn star in the Big boss that led many of the organisation stunned and there was a demand of complete ban on these serials on logical grounds.

    I have seen Mtv roadies,big boss and many home sops on TV but I think these have nothing to give,What is the concept behind these serials and what the producers are trying to give to the audience is something far beyond my understanding.

    The vulgar communication between the participants and the exposure of the female participants in big boss have left parents in a state of confusion allow or not to allow the children to watch TV.

    There must be a provision of sensoring the serials like the procedure followed for films.

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