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    It is almost after 22 articles that I am writing about anna and his work.Certainly,he has been the man of the people not because he is working against the evils but also he has shown the path to many who have been the
    victims of corrupt officials at some point of time in their life.

    There have been many leaders who stood up against the corrupt administration but the support and love that Anna has got is something positive and remarkable and message to all those who are evils that their days are over.

    Jan lokpal bill for which he is fighting is a ray of hope for underprevileged commons and for all those who have been deprived of their basic rights due to faulty and corrupt administration.Anna hazare with his associates has
    dreamt of corruption free India.He is surely under right line but I think he should be more aggressive while
    putting up his demands.The government making every effort to curb down his agitation but due to the support he get from the people making him to stand firm against the government.

    We all must gear up to support him as he is indulging in social act and for the benefit of the people.Anna I salute you..

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