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    Recently,I happen to see an Army recruitment rally at Hisar in which about 100000 aspirants from all over Haryana participated.It was however was expected and usual as far as Army recruitment rally is concerned in Haryana.But the fact that shocked the officials is of poor health of the candidates.The people of Haryana once known to be medically sound and all time eligible for Army.

    But the depleted health status brings lots of shame to the country and the state concerned.This could however because of the minimum efforts carried out by health ministry regarding that.According to survey concluded recently India’s average health per individual has gone down invariably.What I inference from it is that of poor Eating-habits and most of all adulterated food all round.There is mixing of spurious items into the food at all level,nothing is pure and nutrient and so is the reason for the declining health of the youngsters.

    The western and junk foods making people ill and victims of all is the young generation.The government’s endeavour not been so trustworthy and result oriented in this regard.All the fact and figures are well known to the ministry but corruption always prevails there as well,just to ensure some better money package the faulty person pass on adulterated and spurious qualities of food into the market.

    There is a need to check the quality and standard of food at every entry level and those found responsible must be hanged.Hanging is something a cruel punishment but I seek this punishment because the matter is related to the national health.There must be enough strong standard specified for the eatables to really get into the market for common consumption.

    We can’t have better healthy India again if the problems not worked upon instantly.

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