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    Very high traces of uranium were detected in water samples taken from tubewells in 43 villages in Bathinda, this might be a reason responsible for high cases of cancer reported from this belt. Though the state government has installed reverse osmosis (RO) water treatment plants at several places, not all are benefitted and making any effective commitment. This article has left many of the top most research institute of India in a state of stunned shock and in a amazed dilemna. It was discovered only after the news came in , about the increasing mortality in the belt due to cancer because of high concentration of Uranium in underground water. Probably, Scientist are still not very sure as only the underground water is solely cause of the deaths but the fact also can not be ignored as well. Cancer detection cases are on the rise each year and there are considerable amount of deaths in this region as well. It was frightening to know that how a particular circumference of area is prone to such a dreadly disease and what is that which increases such numbers of cancer cases.

    This discovery shall be of entire worth as this fact will work in due to the regions who have been facing such undesired consequences. The problem of Uranium enriched water is essential as for research perspective and as well it address the mass health. The contaminated water has consumed many of the untimely deaths and still counting many more. It is well understood to the administration but the “Indian approach” of tackling a situation making hard for the citizens to cope up with.

    I must disclose a fact about ‘Uranium’ and ‘Uranium Enriched water’ is that; ‘Uranium’ is considered as highly radioactive element and this property makes it highly poisonous too, One more characterization about this is that it fastly dissolves in any form thus hiding its own identity and takes the form of the liquid it gets dissolved. So, the Uranium Enriched water always harmful to consume. The position in periodic table also suggest the unending consequences of the uranium, if it gets uncontrolled, the best example is of ‘Hiroshima’ and ‘Nagasaki’ where people still facing serious complications of the Uranium Enriched Atomic bombs.

    So, there is a need to check the concern of the people and it is possible that if the thing do not get its due, we who are fully aware of the problem would be responsible for all these untimely deaths.

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