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    It would be a milestone if the army be engaged in anti-maoist operation.There been some past instances which proves brutality of the maoists in carrying out genocides.The state government being mighty seems helpless in tackling the genocides carried out by insensitive maoist at frequent intervals.Lots of resources,state funds being wasted and the innocent people being killed for no cause.

    This is the time when the diplomats have to come forward in order to curb this mass killing.There have been speculations that army be used in tackling the maoist.The speculation raised the alarm for the people engaged in anti maoist operations for so long.The discussion have widely attracted the diplomats as it provides an alternative to demoralise this inhuman practice.

    I strongly back this decision as the maoist have caused lots of panic to the area concerned and disturbing the integrity and sovereignty of the country by killing innocent citizens for cheap reasons.This grave problem must be effectively monitored and addressed.The recent killing of maoist chief kishenji is a major landmark in this regard and certainly a setback to the maoist.But the job is half done and still to achieve a lot in this endeavour. The army showing negligence in carrying out such aggressive operation against maoist as they belong to the union of India.Chief of the army staff in his clarification have firmly took his stand and revealed his incapability to engage army in anti-maoist tacklings.He remarks that aggressive operation must not be carried out against our own people.

    I defy his remark as the brutal maoist must be punished similar in their own style.Maoist are like militant who are involved such a malpractise.Army has got all the infrastructure and powerful built in to tackle infiltration activities.Indian army enjoys world’s biggest army reputation and can eliminate its enemies with ease.

    Use of Army against the maoist also very important as maoists links with militants have been traced.It will undoudtedly be a grave situation if strong action not taken at the earliest.Pakistani outfits eying this opportunity and can prove fatal for the investigating agencies if they attain success in their endeavour.

    Army maintain good strategic plans,perfect intelligence trap and high profile technique based weapons.Military Officials must understand the seriousness of the issue and must allow the army to proceed further in this direction.The military-giants must ensure to not happen same as in Sri lanka Where their own citizen caused the havoc for thirty years.
    The Indian army must learn a lesson from sri lanka for its anti-LTTE operation and small country like Nepal for their operation against Naxalist.Lots of countries have been involved in such operations earlier and managed to remove the spurious elements completely from their respective soils.

    The murderers of 80 BSF security personnel in Lalgarh cannot be citizens of India.I strongly recommend strong action against these culprits.Army must take out action against these psycho killers otherwise it would destroy the peaceful impression of India at the international level.

    These Culprits be prosecuted and I recommend that they be hanged till death for their sins.

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